About Industrial 3D Printed Parts

About Us

3D printing technology has advanced drastically over that past few years, adding industrial strength flexible materials like Nylon and high strength light materials like Polycarbinate.

Teubert Designs, LLC is using that technology to print more than just prototypes but parts that can be used for years in and industrial setting.

Nylon 3D printed parts are flexible while maintaining strength, are abrasive resistant, and chemical resistant. The parts we print are also unique in the fact that they are designed with customized honeycombing, adding strength to the parts while also making them light weight.

Polycarbinate 3D printed parts are rigid with a high melting temperature, abrasive resistant and super light weight while maintaining strength.

The Owner

After working as a welder for several years, and then becoming an AWS Certified Welding Inspector while working in an industrial atmosphere, I'm intimately familiar with structural strength and integrity. I will always strive to make sure any part a customer wants designed or has designed themselves has the best chance for success in its expected application.