1. Printing and Design Options
    Printing and Design Options
    If you have a 3D model you want printed or have an idea you need drawn up for printing, contact us and we'll do our best to fill your needs.
  2. Customizable Options
    Customizable Options
    Contact us for customizable internal structures, fill density, wall thickness, colors and materials.
  3. Large Build Options
    Large Build Options
    3D printing is a developing technology and good for many applications. If you have an idea you can upload at the bottom or contact us for help.
Our Services
We 3D Print prototypes and high strength parts out of any extrudable plastic inculding but not limited to Nylon, Polycarbinate, PLA, ABS and more.
  1. Tool Holder Internal View
    Tool Holder Internal View
  2. Raise3D Printer
    Raise3D Printer
  3. 12" AR Handguard
    12" AR Handguard
Upload your 3D model directly by clicking here.

Upload your model for a quote within 24 hours. 3D model formats that are acceptable include STL, Parasolid, Solid Model and Step files.